Ex-SBC Beth Moore Joins Anglican Church

Beth Moore was in the news yesterday in a big way, after it was revealed... The post Ex-SBC Beth Moore Joins Anglican Church appeared first on Protestia.

Ex-SBC Beth Moore Joins Anglican Church

Beth Moore was in the news yesterday in a big way, after it was revealed she became a member of St. Timothy’s Anglican Church, a liturgical church within the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast, which is part of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA.)

The ACNA was formed in 2009 after members of the Episcopal Church in the United States and the Anglican Church of Canada became disillusioned by the liberalization of their denominations on abortion and LGBTQ issues. On account of the nature of their breakaway, they are not in communion with the greater Anglican Communion, which is led by the effete and emasculated Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Despite their more conservative creds, there are some glaring red flags, including the fact that the Bishops of the Diocese are given the freedom to determine amongst themselves if they allow for women priests. As stated by Hannah King

  • Some bishops ordain women as priests and commission them as church planters.
  • Some bishops only ordain women as deacons.
  • Some bishops do not ordain women but will license a woman to serve in a particular church that requests it.
  • Some bishops do not receive women in Holy Orders at all

This is especially dangerous because apart from existing no such thing biblically as a woman priest or pastrix, it creates a ready-made rift that is rife to exploit, particularly because the same scripture twisting used to allow for the ordination of women is employed to push a liberalizing position on sodomy. You’ll never find a church that is pro-LGBTQ but also doesn’t ordain women.

Furthermore, the ACNA has already forgotten the lessons from their split, as they affirm a biblical theology of marriage all the while allowing cracks to form, questions to be asked, and nuance to be developed. If they don’t go scorched earth on the issue immediately, in 20 years the conservatives will find themselves jumping ship yet again.

Several years ago Beth Moore was told by John MacArthur to ‘go home’, which she ultimately has, though not in the way it was attended. Instead, she found herself a church has holds to the same beliefs she does on women preaching- enthusiastically affirming it- so she doesn’t have to hide anymore and can feel right at home.

During a recent Twitter thread, Moore, in a stunning display of naivete that we find unfathomable, shared that her whole life she believed that only her Southern Baptist denomination loved scripture, and therefore was stunned when she found another denomination that did likewise.

On top of that, despite her having a good relationship with her church and pastor who even let her preach, she quickly threw them all under the bus.

She shared that she’d found a church that ‘highly exalts Jesus & sees the Scriptures as the Church’s final authority in all matters of faith & practice’ and that her first time there, she and her husband ‘shot to that altar like starving people begging for bread.’ ‘I’ve never needed it so badly in my life,” she said, ‘my lip quivered and the tears pooled in my eyes ‘ on account of God using the liturgy and teaching there to ‘sew up’ her ‘torn up soul.’

Becoming a member in September, Moore has quickly acclimated to the church. She’s served as an Acolyte and Verger, served during the service as a Lector, is teaching a class on “The Biblical Narrative and How to Teach a Bible Study” and has been asked to emcee their church’s Women’s Advent luncheon, which she did with gusto. She concludes:

“I’m learning to say the Nicene Creed. I’m learning how to drop down the kneeling bench. For this moment in time, we’re right where God wants us to be.”

H/T to @ElizabethPrata


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The post Ex-SBC Beth Moore Joins Anglican Church appeared first on Protestia.